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I had breakfast this week with an activist from Indivisible-Georgia that I have long admired.  We crossed paths many times since the election but never had the opportunity to sit down together. I am so glad we made the time because I came away a little more hopeful and a lot more invigorated. My take away was simple and it is important because I believe it can stop us from giving into hopelessness and keep us  from being overwhelmed by the magnitude of the shit storm we are living under.

If you are like me, you want to do it all. After the daily bombardment of news that makes my skin crawl, my heart ache, and my anger boil, I want to march, to protest, to write letters, to register voters, to work against gerrymandering, to work against voter suppression, to work with great organizations like Black Lives Matter and the Women’s March, the ACLU, and the Democratic Party. I am ready to get things done but the amount that needs to be done and the odds we are up against can suck the hope out of me.

So I walked away from our breakfast thinking, “I need to get the word out” because  so many of us are battle weary. So many of us teeter on the edge of being hopeless. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO STOP, GIVE UP, OR GIVE IN.

So how do we deal with the fatigue of engaging the nightmare of our current political situation? DO ONE THING. Pick one thing and go all in. Pick one action, commit to one issue and give it your time and attention and energy. Trust that others are doing the same with other issues about which you care. But do your one thing. As much as you can as best you can.  That’s how we’re going to get this done.

3 thoughts on “Pick One Thing

  1. Thank you, Connie! I needed to hear that. I feel drained with all that is happening in our country. It hasn’t been one year and yet, it seems like an eternity.

  2. Amen! As some wise person said “The difference between doing nothing and doing something is Everything.” And I need to remind myself to trust all the others who are doing their thing. Together we are powerful.

  3. As with the notion that exercise begins off the couch, so it is with activism.
    Some days you feel like a drop of oil in a puddle of water bound in place by the overwhelming force of this unnatural phenomena some call the orange man. Mixing in is not the answer. Stand out, stand up.

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