Where is Christmas?

My halls are not decked.
No tree.
No wreath.
A few colorful cookies baked.
Their scent long dispersed.

My heart is heavy with grief
over children in cages.
the destruction of democracy
the rise of white nationalism
knowing that we are not reaching toward
points of connection
but nurturing
chasms of departure.

Families flounder
beneath the burden of gifts
and Amazon sells sneakers
to the haunting tune of Ave Maria.
And I am lost.

But maybe in the asking is the answer.
I will find Christ in a cage
on the streets
in the one who despises
my race or gender
or age or sexuality.
And if I am very fortunate
or very faithful
or both
I will find Christ in those I despise
because this year I cannot find Christmas
in the shops
or the sweets
or the carols
or a rosy faced baby.

So please, Godde, let me find Christ
somewhere with in me
Let me find Christ
somewhere in every person I encounter.
Let me look for Christ in unexpected places
even in my unadorned home
and in the dark corners of my hopelessness
and in the promise I cannot grasp.

Let me find Christ
so that I might rest a moment from my despair
and live into the hope
I am so desperately seeking.

4 thoughts on “Where is Christmas?

  1. Connie,
    This poem is deeply moving. You sure do know how to make people reconsider what we do on auto-pilot every year without thinking. Thank you!

  2. Rev. Connie – Recall that the light frimna single candle pierces the dark. You are that candle for many. May the light from your own flame light the darkness for you as well as for others. May the recognition and celebration of incarnation, God within us, break through our dark world.

  3. Holding you my friend, as the old hymn says “near to the heart of Godde.” Even when you are in the darkness , you still shine with love

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