Connie Tuttle

When I speak I fold together storytelling and teaching. And when I preach I add theological reflection to the storytelling and teaching.

I know a lot of stuff. A lot of theology. A lot of biblical scholarship. A lot of ways of thinking theologically and ethically. I know a lot about people. And I have learned to be a thinker. I am much more interested in finding a good question than I am in having a good answer.

When I do my job as a teacher, speaker or preacher I want listeners to walk away saying, “I never thought about it like that.” Or “That’s a connection I hadn’t made before.” Or “She’s nuts.”

I love speaking and preaching as much as I love writing. For me, preaching can be like ‘spoken word’ – performance art that is word based. My good fortune is that I preach a sacred Word using the creative gifts of my own words and expressions.


My interests are as varied as:

Feminist theology: How Jesus Re-imagined Power

Inclusive Language: How we think about the Sacred Matters
Godde in a Wheelchair

Re-imagining Church
Who Shall We Be?

Truth-telling: Memoir as Spiritual Practice

Hospitality as Spiritual Practice
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