Connie Tuttle
Prophetic voices come from the margins, and Connie Tuttle’s is no exception. Joyful, radically inclusive, and infused with holiness,  A Gracious Heresy tells of an all-American girlhood spent on military bases, a too-young motherhood within the arts and queer communities, and an unexpected, difficult call to ministry. Love, human and divine, triumphs on every page of this memoir. Thanks to Tuttle, I’m convinced the prophetic tradition is alive and well.

— Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, author of Writing the Sacred JourneySwinging on the Garden Gate, and Hannah, Delivered.
Connie Tuttle’s memoir of her non-traditional spiritual trajectory, A Gracious Heresy, is a delight to read—entertaining, funny, provocative, captivating, and heartfelt. She weaves together her myriad experiences into a coherent though unexpected whole, making sense of her life as she goes along, but also, in this book, with literary flourish. Her recounting of cultural trends and fads will prompt smiles of recognition, as will her deflating of religious pomposity and superegos. This memoir will not disappoint any who value a good storyteller, containing as it does extraordinary stories extraordinarily well told. Connie Tuttle makes friends of her readers as she confides in us her deepest self. And she makes of us believers of A Gracious Heresy.

— Chris Glaser is the author of a dozen books, including Coming Out as Sacrament and a recent memoir, The Final Deadline: What Death Has Taught Me about Life. He blogs weekly “Progressive Christian Reflections” at

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