Connie Tuttle
Connie welcomes us into her personal and communal faith explorations from her childhood to adulthood. We experience her call to ministry as well as her search for her true identity where she embraces both in the face of systemic opposition. Connie emerges as herself encouraged by her daughter Tanya, her partner,her parents, mentors, friends and faith communities who honor and love her magnificent gifts for ministry where God's YES is heard within and  above the institutional church's no. Connie's vulnerability, authenticity, strength, compassion and courage give us all hope in accepting our sexuality and spirituality as friends who help inform our calls for justice, love and service.

— Rev. Janie Spahr, Presbyterian minister and activist.
Filled with artful description and steeped in the tumultuous social politics that forged her, the Rev. Tuttle’s passionate, life-affirming story speaks truth to power. Hers has been a fully-engaged life, from an idyllic childhood in France, where her exuberant appreciation for the world develops, to her youth as an Army brat in the American South with a fire for justice; from years of self-discovery on the road as a young, single mother, a feminist and a lesbian, to the unexpected call to ministry. During her joyful struggles to juggle motherhood, work, school and ministerial duties—all while battling for her place in the church—I found myself not only rooting breathlessly for her, but experiencing through her unwavering example and testimony what it is to be a true believer. 

— Faith Adiele, Author, Meeting Faith: An Inward Odyssey, PEN Beyond Margins Award for Memoir.
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