Connie Tuttle
I have had many wonderful teachers throughout my life for whom I am deeply grateful. My mom and dad, my grandma Crowe, Dr. Mary Boney Sheats, Dr. Kwai Chang, Dr. C. Benton Kline guided my spiritual questing in ways they may never realize. My faith community, Circle of Grace, has taught me much about living in the Way of Jesus. I give thanks for you all.

Many wonderful teachers have helped me develop my craft as a writer. Heartfelt thanks for Maureen Murdock, Elizabeth J. Andrew, Faith Adiele, Jane Hamilton, and Ruth Ozeki.

Deepest gratitude to Hedgebrook who provides hospitality for those who paint with words: Amy, Vito, Kathy (both!), Julie and Denise.

I am grateful for my writers’ communities at Hedgebrook, Wildacres, the Creative Nonfiction Conference and Tatamagouche.

And special thanks to Loreen Lee and Janice Cook Knight for our years in writers’ group – for the encouragement, critiques, insights, support, and laughter.

I don’t know how to express the depth of my gratitude for Wendy Goldman Rohm and for all that she has taught me about both the craft and the business of writing. She dreams big, writes courageously, and counsels generously.

Thank you to Jenifer Cooper of Cooperworks for her talent as a designer and marketer and for her commitment to women’s success. We clicked! She caught my vision and amplified it with her creative talents. She created this website which is all that I hoped it would be and more.

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