A Prayer for These Times

Gracious and Holy One
who spins the threads that bind us
who frees our hearts and minds to soar
who roots us in fields of questions
and forgives us when we claim
to know things that are beyond us,
hear our prayers.

Hear our prayers for healing:
heal bodies ravaged by the pandemic
heal hearts desolate with grief with comfort
heal minds embittered with hatred with love
heal souls crying out in despair with justice.

Help us to use the gifts you give us
that our scientists may be inspired
that we might comfort our neighbors
that we may sow love where hatred thrives.

Give us  the strength and fortitude
to do the work of justice
to speak and stand and march
for the freedom you desire for each one.

Grant us, Holy Friend,
the vision to draw the circle wide
to embrace those who are different
and appreciate the radical beauty
of those who are not like us.
Help us not to fear our differences
Open our hearts
that we might learn from one another
what we otherwise would not know.
Grow us, we pray, in wisdom
and compassion.

Loving Godde,
scorch us with a vision of your kin-dom
so that your hope burns in us
in these times of despair
that we may lift the light of your vision for humanity
and pierce the shadow of these days.
In all your Holy Names we pray.

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