Dear Friends… How are you today?

Dear Friends,

How are you today? I wonder how you are managing life in this time of Covid and Trump? Things are difficult and I wonder how you are making it through?

Were you able to get out of bed today? If not, take a deep breath, linger in the scent of your aliveness, and do not judge yourself. There will be days like this. Days when you clench your jaw as you listen to the news. Days when your heart tap dances in your chest trying to find the rhythm of reality. Days when you cry without being able to name just what outrage you grieve. It is okay to descend into that shadow land. Your responses make sense. You are not over the overreacting.

If this is where you are, know that others have hoisted the burden and rose to challenge injustice and cruelty today. Let your work come from under your covers as you pray for their courage and safety.  Let their work help carve out a space for hope to take hold so that tomorrow or the next day you are able join the battle for the soul of our nation again.

If this is a good day, I hope you are honoring it by moving the arc toward justice a little further along. What songs are you singing to put steel in your spine? What do you love enough to make this work imperative? Is it the sweet green earth crying out for care? Is it black lives that have not mattered for way way too long? Is it your trans neighbor struggling to survive?

The work that is being done, from marching in the streets to making a plan to vote to volunteering to phone bank, is work we  do together. Sometimes it is on a crowded zoom call and sometimes  it is a relay race where we hand off to the next person and ready ourselves for the next hand off to us. Together we will be enough to make the necessary change.

I close here with this invitation, whether you are energized or struggling: reach out and share with one other person today and every day. Share your fears and your hopes. Share your struggles and your triumphs. Not the calculable results of your actions, but the experience of acting. Nurture the connections that remind us why what we are doing matters.

Dear friends, today I got out of bed. Today I prayed for you. Tomorrow I may march. Today I wrestled with the demon of despair. Today I won.


4 thoughts on “Dear Friends… How are you today?

  1. Wow, Connie. How I needed this today (and yesterday, too; also, probably tomorrow!). I AM in despair about the future of our country, about the hatred that is threatening it, about learning things about people I love that have shocked, troubled, and disturbed me. So, upon reading your post, I am giving myself permission to go back to bed and just drift into healing sleep. Thank you.

  2. Put one foot in front of the other…a sentiment offered in a Christmas special.
    It is good advice and it works to a point.
    Trying to avoid the covid worm while trying to stretch out this cancer fight is a very limiting thing but fresh air helps a whole bunch. A ride to CVS. A slice of pizza at the corner Kwik Trip. Little things that seemed so second nature during the times before covid. Pain is who I am before the meds I take to get out of bed kick in. I, me, my. Cooking for Cheryl gives me purpose and therefor gives me joy. Just waiting for bedtime.

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