Disprove me. Please.

I was going to reflect on what I have learned in sixty-five years of walking this earth because, well, I know stuff. Maybe I will share with you the few nuggets of wisdom I gathered over time one day. But not today.

Not today, because today our healthcare system is being dismantled. And human compassion is being subjected to bottom line business decisions.

I cannot say this enough, people: the government is NOT a business. It is not meant to be run like a business. The function of government is to assure the health, welfare, and safety of all its citizens. Who thought that a businessman would understand a different kind of bottom line than money? Who truly believed that a businessman would exchange the accumulation of power and money for the welfare of a nation?

#45 doesn’t have a grasp of or acquaintance with history – American or otherwise – the Constitution of the United States, or even of basic human decency. You have seen him on TV being disrespectful of people of color, women, the disabled, and Muslims. If you are surprised when he gets around to disrespecting your rights and your worth then you, my friends, have drunk the kool-aid. It won’t stop at your door. It won’t even stop at the doors of the most white and most wealthy among us.

Power and money are completely self-serving. It has been said, none too often, that “the love of money is the root of all evil.” And no one loves money as much as the Donald. He has and will continue to pander to those who he believes will keep him in power. He has and will continue to pander to people and nations with whom he has vested interests. Even though we have no idea where or how far his business interests lie. We, the people, are not any part of the equation.

Today I write as an elder. Sixty-five years of hard earned wisdom prompts me to stand and march and protest and defy this President with all the passion of a much younger me. The only real difference is that before I believed we would overcome. Now I am afraid we won’t.

Disprove me. Please.

One thought on “Disprove me. Please.

  1. Your tone seems to reflect that of many of our generation who had a reasonably safe belief that our government could withstand the onslaught of the mighty dollar. That belief was naive and has brought us to the brink of the wreck of our very Constitution.
    Religion should be strong in the hearts of everyone but it should not and was never meant to be a deciding factor in the daily operation of our government.
    My warning of long ago that once you let Church in the State, you will soon see the State in your Church. Who do you think will decide which religion and or rites will be the new National Church?
    As to healthcare, the GOP seems to be more of a death panel than any even imagined under the ACA. Pretense of certain coverages while actually knowing that the rates will be too high for anyone to afford while guaranteeing that Congress itself will still have all the benefits that we, their bosses, are denied is disgusting. Faith seems to be absent from everything that drives this Congress and their orange leader.
    p.s. Glad I noticed that my alert for this column had gone to spam folder. I have corrected that!

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