I Sent My Book To Hillary

I sent my book to Hillary. Something in me wants to share my story with her. The truth is, her story is a part of my story, in the same way that all of our stories are a part of the larger epic writ large in our time. I identify with her as a woman in times of great change who has faced defeat while challenging institutions entrenched in sexism. She, perhaps, with more grace than I.

Make no mistake. I am no Hillary. I don’t have her intelligence, experience, or fortitude. But I know what it is like to be seen as a threat and to be the object upon whom people project their fears. I sent her my book because her story resonates  with me and I hope mine resonates with her. We are sisters bound by our age, gender, and passion for justice.

So I sent her a copy. Because, well,  we are “stronger together” and my small piece is joined to her very large piece and every other piece women bring to the table.

In my Author’s Notes and Acknowledgments I say, “Though I would not choose to live my life differently, I have learned that sometimes the dragon wins.”

The dragon won this round but he ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Because sisters, our stories are stories of strength, persistence, stamina, and dreaming large. So watch out, because we will change the world, one life, one story at a time.


4 thoughts on “I Sent My Book To Hillary

  1. I love this. It expresses something I have tried to explain to close family members who are Hillary haters. You are hating me, because I identify with her, and with hermstory which was my story played out on a much bigger and more brutal stage. Thanks for writing this.

  2. I among millions hope that this will be the year of the moderate.
    Both “teams” are losing sight of the most valuable fact…we are us. The majority may win but without bringing everyone into the fold, it is a waste.
    I truly believe that Hillary would have brought us together.
    In her intelligence, I’m sure that Hillary, having read your book, will see what we see in your words.

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