Choosing Presence










creates space
to encounter Godde
in dew touched leaves
that shimmer  in the morning sun
in frosty breath
scattering wordless psalms
into the world
in canyon echoes
calling to the past
in a tender caress
easing an unknown ache,
and filling
by turn.

firmly closes the door
on the Sacred
muddying our thoughts,
thrusting its finger
into open wounds
clouding vision
with wordless fear,
finding only
liquid breath beneath
engorged waves,
sounds muffled
by the relentless pounding
of a thrashing heart
broken by a bruising grip
mottling both skin
and soul.

In these lonely times
choose solitude
choose it
with an open heart
invite Godde to tea
be present in each day
to the gift of every moment
to the awareness of possibilities.
Hold your life  gently.
so that solitude
does not morph
into an isolation that
buries hope
distorts vision
contorts reality –
but rather
enter deeply
into the delight of creation,
the wonder of life,
and the gift of
unexplored vistas.


One thought on “Choosing Presence

  1. Walking and talking with God is a natural thing that I have done most of my life. It became easier when I gave up the notion of organized religion and just allowed myself to embrace it.

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