I Am Curious

For some reason, I know not what, I spent some moments not reacting to the onslaught of daily and new atrocities to find a nook in my mind to entertain questions. I wish these were deep, theological pondering but they are not.

I am curious as to why a disease, experienced in nations around the world, is considered to be a hoax by some. If hoax means to trick people into believing something that is false, why on earth would someone (who?) want to trick us into believing Covid19 is real? If that is true then it must be some great international conspiracy. Have all these deaths been manufactured by the media? The refrigerator car morgues? The overcrowded hospitals and overworked medical personnel? I am deeply perplexed by the lack of anything that resembles reason. Even when I plumb the depths of my imagination I can’t answer those questions. I mean – do people really believe that this pandemic  could be manufactured and perpetrated by scientists, medical personal, and regular citizens? And  that it would be done to thwart one man? I am curious.

Which in turn makes me curious about the educated people who are perpetrating the idea that this is a hoax. Senators and governors and representatives who refuse to wear masks and insist on opening both the economy and schools in the face of dire consequences. Is power so intoxicating that they are willing and able to sacrifice the people on the altar of their hunger for it? so, why? I am curious.

I am curious about how once shared values have been scuttled. In our history, in times of crisis, we have worked together, sacrificed together, struggled against common enemies together. What happened?  I am curious.

I wonder how or if we can bridge the gap between those who are not extremists but still follow Trump and those of us who fear authoritarianism, seemingly unsolvable cultural divides.  How do we reach across to one another when the rise of racism, heterosexism, and misogyny is personally threatening?  These questions trouble me most of all and I am curious.

Is anyone truly sure that they are absolutely right? In my life I question everything, even my most deeply held beliefs. I know that it is taxing and uncomfortable so I also understand why one would be reluctant to question one’s beliefs.  I have experienced the anxiety and  urgency to hold onto a belief that is being challenged. Certainty can give us the illusion of safety. It can also stand in the way of growth and connection. Would our conversations be more productive if we respected one another’s fears?  I am curious.

But my final question and the one about which I am most curious
is not how did we get here
but rather
how do we get out of here?


3 thoughts on “I Am Curious

  1. OMG Connie! You have a way of expressing the most thought-provoking “takes” on what ails us as a nation, a culture, a world. You motivate me to express myself more gently with those who are totally duped by a system that they fervently believe in (akin to the followers of Hitler) that sacrifices their neighbors, friends, relatives, their own families, and, ultimately, they themselves. A hoax? Yah. Right. A hoax. Ha. It makes me want to drag their sorry asses into a hospital ward for just one hour. To make them listen to the labored breathing of their grandmother, or brother, or child… the gasps, the heart-wrenching struggle until their last breath. The response of those who “just don’t get it” makes me absolutely furious! But, I need to learn to listen. Listen to those who make no sense at all. Love them? Nope. I haven’t gotten there just yet.

  2. Maybe we don’t. Maybe this is it.
    Even if the hard-core folks with the AR-15’s and the stars and bars of a treasonous effort just sink back into the shadows, we now know they are there and that they would really welcome a chance to kill us to prove their “superiority”.
    Maybe it is time to consider dividing our country along political lines instead of physical boundaries.
    I, for one, cannot go back to seeing the false faces of folks. If we keep it real I don’t see how we can keep it together.

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