I Have Been Silent

I have been silent
but not absent.
wondering what wisdom
if any
I might share.

I have been silent
but not absent
from my fears
or my hopes
wanting to center
before sharing

I have been silent
wanting to share my anxiety
without increasing
the anxiety of others

I have been silent
even in my prayers
but not absent
from Godde

Today I offer
my care
my concern
my solidarity with those who suffer
whether from the universal crisis
of this hour
or the challenges that life brings
that would have happened
Those who are ill
whose relationships are broken
who have lost work
whose work takes them into danger
who have found new love.

I have been silent
but present.
In the quiet
I am listening
to our lives as we
move into unknown territory.

I will not be absent
to your heart
your dreams
your struggles.

This is an invitation
to reach into my silence
not for answers
but for presence.


8 thoughts on “I Have Been Silent

    1. Thank you, Janice. I haven’t blogged since this crisis began not knowing what to say until today. sending love to you and Jim

  1. Connie you have never been silent in your life! Or at least as long as we’ve k known you. But the poem is lovely.

  2. I appreciate your breaking of your silence. You are gifted to articulate for many of us what we are thinking but have more difficulty expressing in words. Thank you for being our voice. When you speak, we get to hear ourselves from out of our own voiceless silence.

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