Silenced by a Lie

I heard yesterday that I am “just an angry lesbian.”
It takes only one phrase,
uttered by those in charge of writing history,
to erase the reality of those not in power.

This is not a new thought.
Oppressed people
know who writes history
and it is not them.
It had never been so personal before.

If I were writing my history
this is the story I would tell:
Godde called me to ministry.
I had to figure out what it meant.
I went to seminary with the intention of being
and willing to engage in difficult, often hurtful conversations.
I made that choice
It came with a great price.
I got to experience personal rejection
even hate
and ignorance in the name of God
that daily crushed my spirit.

And yet I believed
I had the strength to engage
To stay.
To listen.
To retain my integrity.
So I did.
And I thank Godde for sustaining me in that time.

I didn’t realize that
years later
my witness would be silenced
by a lie.

6 thoughts on “Silenced by a Lie

  1. Well, you may be angry.
    You may be a lesbian.
    But you will never be “just” anything.
    I am so happy you found your voice and that you share it with the rest of us.
    The most painful lie is the one told on our behalf by another who can find no defense but to attack not your spirit nor your intelligence but a cookie-cutter version of you that they find easier to mount an offense upon. It trivializes your truth with little awareness of its value.

  2. We are angry. We weep. Red, yellow, brown, black, white, gay straight, bi, T. Old, young and in between. We are angry. We weep. For our country. For ourselves, for the little children torn from loving arms, for their parents, for the hungry, the excluded, the defamed. We are angry. We weep. For whoever said those words that cut to your soul. We weep for you.

  3. There is no silencing your witness. No mere word, no act of ignorance can still its voice. It was, from the beginning, the call of the Divine to which you opened your heart. It will resound. It will edify. And it will endure. <3

  4. There is only hope in the one, true Christ. As J. Gresham Machen rightly pointed out, “liberal” Christianity is an entirely other religion and cannot save, it is an Antichrist and false gospel. Repent of your sins and trust in Him alone. Your sin does not define your identity, God does.

    1. Goodness. It is nearly impossible to have a conversation with someone who dismisses you with arrogance. However, as my neighbor, I will pray for you with compassion.

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