Trump’s Rise to Power

It prays on my mind that ordinary Germans allowed a man like Hitler to rise to power.
Even taking into account the economic depression that hit Germany, how could they let a man like him take power?

Now I know.
First, some are seduced because their fears are played to:
fear of people of other races and nationalities
fear for their safely
fear for their economic future
fear of change

Then the fears
normalize hate
normalize misinformation
normalize our worst impulses

Trump has played all those cards.
Like the master grifter he is,
who many thought was just an act,
that he would rise to
the “occasion of the Presidency”

He rose, alright.
Like Hitler on Krystallnacht
He plays to people’s fear
to deconstruct the government
to violate the rule of law
to turn us against one another
for his own benefit.

He is tearing apart our nation
so that we feel divided from one another
He is tearing apart our global relationships
disconnecting us from the many who share
our democratic values

He despises freedom.
of the press
of the people to protest
and as he rises he is attempting to devalue
both the press and the people.

He is carved from the same stone
as Hitler
and too many of us are blind to this rise,
to the possibility of a holocaust beyond our imagining,
somehow feeling safer to normalize
than to challenge.

This is Trump’s rise to power
and we are letting it happen
If there is a history left to record,
how will it judge us?

One thought on “Trump’s Rise to Power

  1. That buffoon (you don’t get credit or blame for my insults!) has done us all a hYUGE favor…he has shown us the true face of the worst of us.
    It is up to the rest of us to be open, be free, be loving , and be caring.
    I will not be changed by this darkness except that I will try to shine brighter and bring more warmth to all in what I say and do…ok, maybe not when I speak of Trumpzilla…but most of the time!
    We are the better half.
    (um…buh-bye Ryan!)

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